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my tezos oracles docker image (tqtezos/oracle-stock-ticker) is unable to find activation code via faucet file

my tezos oracles docker image (tqtezos/oracle-stock-ticker) is unable to find activation code from faucet configuration file using flask app. Getting following error: File "/usr/local/lib/python3....
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Where is a working, relatively easy to use mneumonic converter for Tezos?

A little request to baking bad, or TezTech, or anyone else who wants to create this. I have a reqeust to have a mneumonic code coverter for bip39(tz1),Secp256k1(tz2), NIST P256(tz3) created, similar ...
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How to calculate the "secret" field of an activation operation?

For particular reasons (let's say I am creating a Tezos faucet) I want to send an activation operation to Tezos blockchain. This kind of operation (activate_account) requires three fields: kind, pkh ...
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How can I get import secret key hash through conseilJS?

I have some accounts in my tezos node. I am trying to make transaction through conseilJS, But I don't know how can I import secret keys from existing accounts. If someone give me advice would be so ...
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How to create a tz1 address with a secret passphrase via command line?

I'm trying to create a wallet with a secret passphrase(15 words), however I can't find any documentation. Any way to do it via command line? Yes, I know how to do it via Tezbox
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