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What is a Proof-producing Virtual Machine (PVM)?

[copied from Slack] Can someone explain what is Proof-producing Virtual Machine (PVM) introduced with SCORUs? Any guide or documentation will also work.
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Sandbox parameters for a larger testnet

I am currently doing some measurements of Tezos' performance, running on Carthagenet. For this purpose, I deploy private testnets of variable size with the following sandbox parameters: { "...
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What types of things is Tezos doing to improve scalability? [closed]

In this recent article, it suggests that Arthur Breitman is not a fan of layer 2 solutions. I don't consider the website of this article to be exactly 'reputable' and I tried searching for where this ...
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Is tezos-node single or multi-threaded?

Does the tezos-node work on the mempool in a single or multithreaded fashion ? Would it be useful/necessary or not in order to scale-up the throughput of the chain when the number of transactions to ...
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Max theoretical TPS with current setup of block gas/storage limits?

Given the current gas and storage limits per block what is the maximum number of simple XTZ transfer operation that can be executed per second (or per block if that's a more natural unit) in proto 003 ...
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