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Why a reveal operation?

In order for everybody to be able to validate signatures, public keys have to be stored on the blockchain using reveal operations. As far as I understand, such operations are not needed in Ethereum, ...
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What is the adequate fee for a reveal operation?

When transferring funds to a non-revealed Tezos account, one must pay a "reveal fee". What is the optimal value to use for this fee? Or is this a fixed amount? What would be the adequate fee for a ...
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what this 2 empty [] mean?

when invoke with rpc api GET ..//operations. always has 2 emtpy []. what this mean? I only care transaction. please tell me kind:transaction is locate index where(must include in last index--...
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how to forge reveal operation by rpc

I followed this article to construct operation. But when I try to construct a reveal operation, it always failed. params: { "contents": [ { "kind": "reveal", "...
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Which tezos-client commands reveal the public key?

I know that the tezos-client reveal key for <src> command reveals the public key for the <src> address. What other tezos-client commands also reveal the public key? Edit: I mean, ...
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Reveal secp256k1 public key on Babylonnet

Currently, dose Tezos support secp256k1 key? I tried to broadcast a transaction to reveal public key for a secp256k1 key. curl -H "Content-type: application/json" -X POST
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How to use RPC to judge whether a PKH is revealed?

I didn't find out from the RPC document how to judge whether PKH reveals or not. I also try to get status from ,but i can't get what i want. So how to use RPC ...
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Problem when deploying smart contract

I've been trying to create a smart contract on the Tezos blockchain for several times. I was never able to create a smart contract on this blockchain because of this error. I use the code that is in ...
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What Activate-Reveal an account refer to

I have 5 questions related to two types of operations: Reveal/Activate What we mean by ativate an account? What we mean by reveal an account? What's the difference between this two operations? It is ...
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can I reveal other people public key

can I reveal other people public key? Or only self can reveal self public key? If I send some xtz to a new address to active it, can I reveal its' public key by myself, rather the new address owner?
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Simulate Operation with Unrevealed Key Protocol Kathmandu

I'm trying to check my system works fine with the new Kathmandu protocol, so I'm testing some features with the kathmandunet. When I'm trying to simulate an operation (using /chains/main/blocks/head/...
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How to forge an operation of kind reveal along with operation of kind transaction using Taquito?

I am using methods such as forgeOperations, injectOperation provided by '@taquito/rpc' package. However, this method works for already revealed accounts to complete the transfer between two tz1 ...
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Account is not revealed even after reveal operation

I created a new account and funded it. Then I had to perform a reveal operation to get an opportunity to make transfers. It succeeded and account became revealed (explorer api returned is_revealed = ...
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