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How can I get the balance of addresses using pytezos?

I'm trying to find out which tz addresses have a minimum of 50 tez. I got chatgpt to help me but I'm getting this error: TypeError: PyTezosClient.balance() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given ...
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"Unable to find libsodium" issue with PyTezos

I have some PyTezos code working on Linux. However, when I try to run it on MacOS 13 on an M2 processor, I get an Unable to find libsodium error. I do have libSodium installed on my system: brew info ...
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Pytezos balance_of entrypoint function for fa2 tokens

I was trying to implement a balance_of function. According to the documentation, it should be looking like this $balance_of: { "requests": [ $requests_item, … ], &...
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Pytezos: transfer endpoint

I get an unexpected arguments error while trying to make a transfer endpoint call. my_contract.transfer([{ "transfer_item": { "from_": "tz1...", "txs&...
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Examples of deploying a smart contract on a tezos sandbox with python/pytezos

I've been looking for up to date examples of deploying a smart contract on a tezos sandbox for a while now. Does anyone know of any good references? I'm using python/pytezos.
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