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Any way to get the public key of an address?

I am developing a dapp where I need the public key of an address of the user, is it possible to get the public key in the contract (using SmartPy)? Or even on the client side using taquito or any ...
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Which tezos-client commands reveal the public key?

I know that the tezos-client reveal key for <src> command reveals the public key for the <src> address. What other tezos-client commands also reveal the public key? Edit: I mean, ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Can I export an ECDSA xpub from my Ledger?

I just installed Tezos Wallet v.2.2.9 on my Ledger Nano S and I would like to export an extended public key (xpub) from this wallet through Ledger Live. But I would like this xpub to generate ...
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Implementing signing logic for TZ4 (BLS12-381) Addresses using TypeScript

I was wondering if anyone has more detailed knowledge on signing logic and how octez-client derives public keys from a given BLsk prefixed secret key? I've used a number of NPM packages that assist ...
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Smart contracts - get tz address from signature like ecrecover ethereum

I want to be able to verify that a signature is signed by a public key's address in my smart contract method on tezos. For example with solidity see:
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How to get address from publicKey?

I have a Tezos public key and I want to generate a Tezos address (tz...) from this public key. I want to do this with Dart language inside the Flutter framework.
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How to get Tezos KT and TZ address from Public Key

Is there a way to convert Tezos Blockchain Public Key to address using any python/ go / nodejs libraries Below are the sample public keys which i am trying to convert into Address. Input public key - ...
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