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Can we make NFT metadata only visible by the Owner?

I would like to know if there is a way on tezos to hide data in the metadata of an nft so that only the owner of the NFT can see it. or to make information visible only to the owner. Do you know if it ...
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Got "A block with a higher watermark than the current one was previously baked" Error when creating a private chain

I'm new to Tezos and I'm deploying a private network by following the private-tezos-blockchain demo project, but with a more recent version of tezos binary (v14.1-1) and protocol. I've succeeded ...
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Networked Flextesa possible?

I am trying to run a private test-network over multiple VMs. The Flextesa approach seems very easy to deploy but only allows for local sandboxes. Has anybody ever tried to connect multiple Flextesa ...
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Block explorers for a private testnet

Are there block explorers available that can be run locally and set up to observe a private network of Tezos nodes?
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Is it possible to reverse engineer private key? [closed]

Is it possible to discover the private key for a public address given one possesses the public key and the encryption passphrase?
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public and secret keys <name> don't correspond

I generated a new address on a node and then overwrote it. I have the public key hash (starts with 'edpk') and the password. I also have the private key hash (starts with 'encrypted:edesk1') I ...
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How to create edesk private key using javascript libs

I'm using sotez, but I don't know how to convert edsk to edesk like tezos-client. var mnemonic = crypto.generateMnemonic(); crypto.generateKeys(mnemonic, pass).then(function (data) { /* ...
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tezos-admin-client trust peer VS tezos-node config update --peer

On a private node, is there an effective difference between using ./tezos-admin-client trust peer id12345abcde and ./tezos-node config update --peer=IP:PORT? In other words, if you use the latter, is ...
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How can I force a connection from my private node to my public node?

I have two nodes, one public, and other in private mode (using --private-mode --no-bootstrap-peers --bootstrap-threshold=1 --connections 1 --peer <PUBLIC_NODE_IP>:<PORT>). The problem is ...
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My private node is not connecting to the peer mentioned in the start command

I used below command to start my private node: ./ start --private-mode --no-bootstrap-peers --bootstrap-threshold=1 --connections 1 --peer=`public_node_ip`:9732 My public_node is already ...
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How to obtain an unencrypted private key from an encrypted private key?

I can't find any way to get the unencrypted private key from an encrypted private key from the tezos client. I have found a way using tezbox. You import a private key into tezbox and then show the ...
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Can I change the passphrase of a private key that has been encrypted?

When importing the secret key for the fundraiser I was asked to enter a passphrase, is it possible to change it, if so, how can I do that?
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