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How to run tezos rewards distributor for the past cycle?

After update my trd does not make payments for the last cycle. I use command: python3 src/ -C $CICLENO -V on -s -R -5 -M 3 --log-file=$CYCLENO.log where $CYCLENO is the cycle for which i want ...
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How does tezos reward distributor tool calculate transaction fee for rewards?

TRD is a common tool for tezos payouts. It's easy to get the overall amount of payouts from dry run. But in order to pay rewards, we also have to keep additional blockchain transaction fees in mind. ...
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Taking rewards being far from baker HW wallet

I have my baking node with HW wallet hosted in a secure place far from my place. Today when I have to send rewards to my delegation addresses I have to go to the place and transfer them to the payment ...
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Looking for a payout script or software

I am solo-baker running a node. I want evolve to small bakery. I am looking for a simple script or software that will automate payouts
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How to set up auto transfer of baking and endorsement rewards to respective delegation accounts?

I am running a baker node with few delegations. I have started receiving rewards in my baking account. Now I want to autopay the rewards share back to delegation accounts and avoid the manual work ...
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