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How to initialize the storage while originating a contract with storage type (pair (address %administrator) (unit %dummy))?

The contract is meant to allow transfers only from the admin. I what to initialized the admin address at origination. parameter (or (unit %default) (pair %admin_transfer (address %destination) (mutez %...
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Custom FA1.2 Token - High Level Question about Custom Token/Symbols

I am hoping this is a very easy answer as I am most likely thinking about the fundamentals of this incorrectly. I am trying to build out a quick POC for the company I work for but am struggling with ...
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Initiate a field in the storage of a contract with the source address of origination

I have the following smart contract where I pass admin address in the init function of the smart contract: (you can run it on smartPy online editor) class SC(sp.Contract): def __init__(self, ...
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