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XTZ price history API

I need a simple API that provides historical XTZ price against fiat currencies like USD and EUR, or other cryptocurrencies like BTC. Ideally I just need to compose an HTTP GET request with a date/time ...
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Manipulable block hash by baker

Is the block hash a manipulable variable by a baker ? If not what about the value as a good source of randomness to use as a public verifiable random seed ?
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How does an oracle contract get data from outside the blockchain?

I want to build an oracle which gets data on chain from a weather API. The way I'm thinking about implementing this is to run a server which periodically fetches the data from a weather API, and calls ...
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my tezos oracles docker image (tqtezos/oracle-stock-ticker) is unable to find activation code via faucet file

my tezos oracles docker image (tqtezos/oracle-stock-ticker) is unable to find activation code from faucet configuration file using flask app. Getting following error: File "/usr/local/lib/python3....
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Calling Harbinger using Smartpy to get randomness

I want to get a random value in my smart contract to provide a fair distribution of different tokens. I read that using Harbinger to get values and use it for entropy could be the good way to do. But ...
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What would be the simplest way to connect a smartpy contract to an oracle tracking the XTZ/USD pair?

I see there's a smartpy chainlink oracle example and a github repo for Harbinger. I briefly looked at the code and it appears they are for setting up Oracles + clients. Are there any existing XTZ/USD ...
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Design an oracle that provides random values to a contract

This answer mentions an improved way for an oracle to provide random numbers to a contract. use commitments, i.e. the oracle would push a hash in the contract before the game, and send the random ...
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