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Octez Node: No Validation Plugin found for Protocols Edo Onwards

I am encountering a strange problem with the Tezos node as published in the Opam repository, wherein the node begins to spew no validation plugins found for protocols Edo and onwards. Peculiarly, the ...
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What's wrong with my RPC config?

What does this config miss in order to present the RPC service properly at X.X.X.X "p2p": { "bootstrap-peers": [ "", &...
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Octez 17.3 compilation error

This compilation error appears everytime I run "opam install octez". I have no problem installing previous versions but there seems to be issues with installing octez-node 17.3.
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Is it possible to run a smart rollup node and a octez node on two different machine?

I'm trying to deploy an octez node and a smart rollup node on two different machines. First, I ran an octez node in one machine. I added rollup machine's IP using --rpc-addr and --allow-all-rpc to ...
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tezos node doesnot sync up

I have been trying to start the ghostnet node using docker-compose but the node doesnot seem to sync with the latest height. when i query the head block, it returns the genesis block. Here is the ...
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How is the actual node upgrade of the economic protocol performed?

I am learning the Tezos economic protocol self-amending feature and I've gone through a lot of well-done documentation, like: overview of Tezos node architecture, with the distinction between ...
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octez-client set delegate unrecognized command?

octez-client --version 15b49d9b (2023-03-14 14:06:30 +0100) (16.0) I'm running: octez-client set delegate for "my_address_hash" to "baker_address_hash" All I get is this: Error: ...
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"Store upgrade failed" when upgrading Octez node from v15.1 to v16

After updating our Docker image to v16 from v15.1, we see the following error in the logs after Octez shuts down: Current public chain: 2018-06-30T16:07:32Z. Local chain data: 2018-06-30T16:07:32Z. ...
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