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Bootstrapping and nonces

What's the best way for a baker that has around 20-50 blocks every cycle to bootstrap with a fresh copy of the chain? Apart from making sure the baker does not bootstrap when block rights are upcoming,...
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Counter for wallet is not incremented after mint using taquito

I'm minting successfully from a contract. Then when I go to transfer the NFT I get the error: "HttpResponse: Http error response: (500) [{"kind":"branch","id":"...
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tezos error : branch refused (Error: Counter 3070118 already used for contract [ADDRESS_SMART_CONTRACT] (expected 3070119) [duplicate]

TezosWallet wallet = new TezosWallet(true, "c:\\temp\\Wallet1.txt", "My_PassPhrase"); wallet.setProvider(""); wallet.activate(...
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What is `proof_of_work_nonce_size` used for?

I was looking at the protocol constants using: GET /chains/<chain_id>/blocks/<block_id>/context/constants and noticed these two fields: "proof_of_work_nonce_size": 8, "...
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At what level are nonce's required to be injected within a cycle?

Nonces are to be revealed/injected in the cycle after which they are tied to their block. If you bake a block in cycle 4, and the level % 32 is 0, then you are required to reveal the nonce seed in ...
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What happens if I loose the nonce?

I baked a block such as blockNumber % 32 == 0 so I am required to reveal my nonce at the next cycle. If I irretrievably loose this nonce due to hardware failure or misconfiguration, can I still bake ...
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Is there a threshold for seed generation?

by reading the doc we see that there are 128 nonces per cycle, and all revealed nonces are used to generate the seed. Any baker who fails to reveal their nonce forfeits all rewards for the respective ...
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