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Check that the tezos-node network settings are properly configured from the command line?

Is there a command-line tool to check whether the tezos-node network is set up properly? E.g. how should I check that the listening port is actually open and receiving requests? Thanks!
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Networked Flextesa possible?

I am trying to run a private test-network over multiple VMs. The Flextesa approach seems very easy to deploy but only allows for local sandboxes. Has anybody ever tried to connect multiple Flextesa ...
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Problems exposing rpc interface

I'm currently having a problem with my node/ baker setup and I don't really know how to solve it. I know that the problem is of network nature, because the logs e.g. of the baker are saying that they ...
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Making an RPC request from another machine on the same network

I have a machine (A) running a Tezos node, with RPC port set to 8732. Its local IP is I have another machine (B), from the same network, from which I'd like to connect to the RPC of A. ...
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More verbose logging in tezos-client

I have some problems connecting to a node through tezos-client. Specifically I cannot succesfully run tezos-client -l -A -P 443 -S config update to connect to a testnet node. It ...
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2 answers

Amending the P2P Layer

Is it possible to amend the P2P layer of Tezos? As far as I understand from here, the amendment process is only for the economic protocol. If we wanted to suggest changes to how the P2P layer works ...
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Constantly adding/dropping connections

I'm currently running a node on the latest version with no config file with the following command: ./tezos-node run --rpc-addr --connections 10 I've tried with various --connections ...
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How does the tezos blockchain security model works?

Suppose a baker has the highest staking balance, and has a few delegations from his own network and now when it comes to bake, he does something against the protocol or edits a transaction to profit ...
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How many full nodes on the tezos network?

I would like to know where i can get the information about the actual number of full nodes powering the Tezos network. I suppose if some info is available is likely a lower bound given that a number ...
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Interoperational Dangerous? [closed]

Can interoperational Chains like Cosmos be dangerous for the Tezos Network itself? Do such Chains "act" on our Tezos network? Or is it a complete own Space? Could such interoperational functions open ...
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Network restrictions on Tezos baking?

I read this article about off-grid tezos oven, a computer capable to calculate tezos with power from a solar panel and water-mill only. Also this thread on Reddit let's us know that loosing the ...
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