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2 answers

How to become a public baker?

I've been solo baking for over a year now for me and a few friends. I recently have set up tezos-rewards-distributor and it's working fine. Now I would like to become a public baker but can't figure ...
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What are the minimum requirements ( Hardware ) for being a Baker and get listed on MyTezosBaker? [duplicate]

Wanted to have a solo baking setup, do we need to carry out some task for verification of transactions? Or we just need to set up a node running and it will do it all alone
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2 votes
0 answers

Cannot SEND XTZ from Galleon

I deposited XTZ to my Galleon wallet. But now I want to SEND them to another wallet address but it shows -0- balance. How can I see, and send, my XTZ?
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MyTezosBaker Efficiency

MyTezosBaker has an efficiency column. I assume this is a measure of if a baker is online for baking and endorsing events, though I'm not really sure. How is efficiency calculated? Can this be ...
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