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Cannot call an entrypoint with a name bigger than 31 chars

One of my contract has been successfully compiled and deployed (as well as audited). I discovered however that one of my entrypoint as more characters than 31 chars... This entrypoint can only be ...
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Multisig Sapling - Taquito

Title is presenting the idea here: Using shielded pool: Trying to make a transactions: From alice -> to bob Approved by a third party (admin) NomadicLabs defined it in their docs however, not ...
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multisig request

we have a request for a multisig. if someone could implement it, then we would be ready to pay for it. we need a fully working product. what was presented not so long ago still does not work https://...
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What different multisig contracts are supported by `tezos-client`?

What are the different multisig contracts are currently supported by tezos-client and which ones are planned to be supported? What is the difference between them and their respective hashes? Which ...
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