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Securely moving from Ghostnet to Mainnet

Are there any important things to do or check before moving a dApp from Ghostnet to Mainnet?
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Tezos-client: unknown protocol after Ithaca upgrade

I have installed tezos-client on MacOS via Home Brew. After Ithaca upgrade I am getting the following error message: Fatal error: unknown protocol version. I tried upgrading tezos-client by: 1)brew ...
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Getting CORS errors on with Taquito

const Tezos = new TezosToolkit(''); const network = { type: 'mainnet', rpcUrl: '' }; This is what I've been using to hook up Taquito, ...
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2 answers

How to drain account with Taquito?

I have 9.9 tezos on my address tz2B35M8eHC6FhAVsQrtp8EBPri4H73w7W7C. I want to send all of it to another address tz1i4ezL2FZ1kZ8oqEY8n6wCr2eGRJPC4xin which has never been used and is thus empty. For ...
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Tezos baker port to open for mainnet for good security

Hello Tezos community, I read about Tezos public port to open for mainnet, and try to achieve a good security. I understand the default port to open is 9732. Is it a good practice to open this port ...
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Why won't transaction propagate to other nodes?

I've got a transaction where I've already signed bytes and am ready to inject the operation. If I inject it to my local node, I can see the txn in my nodes' mempool. But if I query another node, say ...
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Available snapshots for main net?

Are there any freely available recent snapshots for the main net that I could download ? I'm looking for either full or rolling.
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Where can I find the genesis file for mainnet?

I would like to see the genesis file that was used for mainnet.
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