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Questions tagged [ledger]

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0 answers

HD Key Derivation for ED25519

I'm currently looking into implementing HD Key derivation for Tezos addresses, and while there's plenty of implementations and standards regarding SECP256k1 addresses, from my understanding it would ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Tezbox and Ledger Problem

Here is my problem. I have Ledger Nano S installed with my Tezbox wallet. But, the Ledger doesn't recognize the wallet hash when I try to add an account. Nor can I send any coins out of the wallet. ...
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How do you restore a ledger wallet to a software wallet?

I have a Ledger where I installed the Tezos Wallet app. I noted down the recovery phrase. I tried creating a new wallet in TezBox (or any software wallet) using the recovery phrase the Ledger ...
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Error Signing Operation to make New Origination Account with Ledger (Error: TransportStatusError: Ledger device: UNKNOWN_ERROR (0x917e))

I'm attempting to create a new Origination account for a user with Ledger. I'm using: WebAuthN eztz I am already using the following function to create and sign an operation that the user approves/...
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3 votes
1 answer

Ledger with remote signer - health check

I have a http remote signer connected to a Ledger and it works fine. The ledger is running the baking app. I want to check periodically that the remote signer is able to sign. How can I do that ? ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Can I export an ECDSA xpub from my Ledger?

I just installed Tezos Wallet v.2.2.9 on my Ledger Nano S and I would like to export an extended public key (xpub) from this wallet through Ledger Live. But I would like this xpub to generate ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Can I access my currently Delegated Tezos from my Nano Ledger as I cannot access or restore my Tezbox

I currently have a very concerning issue. I have some Tezos linked to a Nano ledger which I have delegated using the Tezbox web wallet. However for some reason the password is not working (although ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Error when sending transaction to get my Ledger Nano with Galleon

Please help. I am trying to send transaction to get my Ledger Nano with Galleon and I receive this error message: proto.004-Pt24m4xi.implicit.empty_implicit_contract I followed all the gas limit ...
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0 answers

When does my wallet reflect my baking/endorsing rewards/deposits?

I'm using Kiln to bake and endorse with my Ledger Nano S. When I check Ledger Live, my wallet balance is the same as when I started my baker. When I check tzstats for my wallet address, I have the ...
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0 answers

how do I use ledger nano s with docker version of tezos?

I'm using ubuntu 20.04 and I spun up carthagenet version of tezos with docker. But I'm not sure how I would hook up the ledger nano s to run with the mainnet version of this.
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0 answers

How can I create another KT1 accounts under my TZ1 account?

I want to delegate to various bakers using just one ledger, but I'm not sure how to create a new KT1 account via command line after the Babylon upgrade.
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1 vote
0 answers

Adding New Account

I have just linked my Ledger to my Tezbox wallet and funded it with about 10XTZ. I can see the transaction in TzScan and the amount is shown in the Main Account in the Tezbox wallet. But when I try to ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Switching users on a Mac makes ledger unreadable from tezos client

Recently, switching to a different user (not through terminal) on a Mac makes my tezos baker miss endorsements and bakes. Before I had to reinstall hidapi --HEAD, I was able to hop users and tezos ...
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1 answer

Missed Block with "Error Found No Ledger corresponding to ledger:..."

Missed a block and saw the following error on the baker terminal window (Ubuntu) "Error Found no ledger corresponding to ledger://xxx..." This made me think that there might be a ...
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0 answers

How to acces baker adres (bip25519) on tezbox

When I open my ledger on tezbox, it automatically opens the ed25519 address. Is there a way to change the derivation path that you want to access?
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1 answer

old wallet is gone after using new Ledger with old seed

I created Tezbox wallet with Ledger Nano S more than a year ago and then delegate it to a baking service. It was working good and I used it many times. I didn't login for the last 6 months as this is ...
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Taking rewards being far from baker HW wallet

I have my baking node with HW wallet hosted in a secure place far from my place. Today when I have to send rewards to my delegation addresses I have to go to the place and transfer them to the payment ...
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