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how do you find the action of a big map diff from RPC JSON?

on tzkt, the bigmap diffs have an action field which takes values like remove_key, add_key, update_key, etc. the lazy_storage_diff field in RPC JSON doesn't seem to have these same values, instead it ...
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How to regroup multiple transactions in 1

How can I send 2 transactions in 1 operation ? Can I just chain them in my JSON like "contents": [{"kind": "transaction", (...)}, {"kind": "...
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How to add new record fields in data storage after contract deployment? Is storing JSON in a field viable?

AFAIK, there is no way to update storage types(ex: can't add a new record field to a Map<sp.Nat, sp.record(a=1)>) of a contract after deployment. (Correct me if I'm wrong). This means, after a ...
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Need help understanding smart contract method call of tzBTC

I need to be able to reconstruct history of transactions in tzBTC contract: If we filter operations by mint, we get two ...
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What does `consequence of bad union` mean when injecting a block?

Attempted to inject this block but got error: Invalid_argument "Json_encoding.construct: consequence of bad union" What does this error actually mean? The contents of the block look fine; it ...
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Is there a formula to build parameter messages to be passed to smart contract entrypoints?

When calling a smart contract entrypoint, it is required to pass the needed entrypoint parameters. This is done through a message that must be sent in JSON/Pairs format. My doubt is: Is there a ...
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Pretty-printing Micheline JSON

How can I pretty-print a Michelson contract in JSON to concrete syntax?
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