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when call ipfs nft by api take too long time to load

For example, when I want to load the below NFT, it takes a very long time to load it. How to load NFT very faster? ipfs://QmTfFq8CY4M1ZHFm5UMZQQqtETyvaQNHnJiTTiNjHCyJSu I load it by replacing ipfs:// ...
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Are bigmaps stored on-chain or off-chain?

I can't find details on this, but from my experiments it seems like bigmaps rely on ipfs while maps are on-chain. Is this understanding correct? If not, where are bigmaps stored, and is it possible to ...
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Is there a "standard" way to load off-chain metadata for all tokens from a single off-chain data source in an FA2 contract?

Let's say I want to create a fixed cap of 10,000 NFTs. I pre-generate the token_metadata and store it on IPFS. The token_ids are only recorded on the FA2 contract when they're bought. If I don't want ...
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