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How to properly call Inject block or protocol api?

I have question how to call properly inject block and inject protocol api methods which I have found here? I was searching but I ...
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Create input for injectOperation (forged op + Beacon Wallet signature)

I'm trying to manually forge a transaction, sign it with Beacon Wallet and inject it. I've forged and sign it. preapplyOperations is OK. Now I'm trying to build the input data for injectOperation ...
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How to transfer between two tz1 accounts using Taquito RPC functions such as forgeOperations and injectOperation?

I want to use taquito to successfully transfer the amount between two tz1 accounts without using the transfer function of contract API or wallet API. Instead, I want to use taquito RPC functions such ...
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How to forge an operation of kind reveal along with operation of kind transaction using Taquito?

I am using methods such as forgeOperations, injectOperation provided by '@taquito/rpc' package. However, this method works for already revealed accounts to complete the transfer between two tz1 ...
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What does it mean to inject an operation?

Does 'injecting' an operation just mean broadcasting it to other tezos nodes, or is there more to it?
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Inject an operation using a remote node

I would like to inject an operation (specifically, send a transaction) from my notebook, which has a compiled node but its blockchain is not synced, using my Ledger Nano X. My other computer has a ...
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Success response when injecting a transaction with outdated branch

Action: Publish a Operation through the Node RPC which references a branch/block that is older than allowed. Observed Behavior: Node returns Operation Id, Operation gets published to mempool ...
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Transaction simulation with preapply fails while injection finish successfully

I'm trying to simulate an operation (transaction) before injecting it. The run_operation endpoint return: { status: 'applied', storage: { prim: 'Pair', args: [ [Object], [] ] }, big_map_diff: [...
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How to get hash of operation without injecting in chain

Can I get txn hash without injecting operation in block chain? After injecting I will get same txn hash?
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Error: cannot_parse_bock_header

Does anyone know, if this error means that is a bad block? or that i'm doing something wrong? The error happens when I try to Inject a Block. [{"kind":"permanent","id":"validator.invalid_block","...
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