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2 votes
1 answer

What are some simple examples of adaptive inflation rate?

For example what would the interest rate be for a baker with 6,000 XTZ if 75% of tez holders delegate and only 10% are bakers and no stakers? In this situation what would a delegator with 1,000 XTX ...
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"When is the next release of inflationary tokens?"

"When is the next release of inflationary tokens?" The inflation rate is 4.73%, when do those tokens (the 4.73%) get distributed? When is the next distribution, date and time?
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3 votes
1 answer

Does the return on baking depend on the size of the staking pool?

I was reading this article, which states: Although Tezos users can still make a good income, the good times are unlikely to last. The influx of more XTZ into staking wallets will likely diminish ...
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7 votes
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Inflation rate and economic incentives

Could someone describe the economic incentives at play when choosing the inflation rate for the tezos chain? For example currently the inflation is max 80 xtz per block which is a constant (assuming ...
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