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XTZ price history API

I need a simple API that provides historical XTZ price against fiat currencies like USD and EUR, or other cryptocurrencies like BTC. Ideally I just need to compose an HTTP GET request with a date/time ...
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Local TzKT indexer much slower than

I have a local version of the TzKT indexer and API (v1.11.1) running for mainnet on a server without any apparent issues. I am running a program that retrieves all transactions in the history of the ...
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Is TzStat safe?

Since TzStat is not maintained anymore (archive repo on github), is it still safe to be used ? If i understand, TzStat only provides the GUI and TzIndex (which is still maintained) provides the data. (...
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Get Delegation Amount from tezos api

I have list of delegator addresses for one baker. I want to get how many tokens they delegated using tezos api. Could anyone help me to get delegation amount?
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Nomadic Labs indexer bootstrap fails with statement timeout

I restored the database of the Nomadic Labs indexer using a snapshot called "v10.2.0.20220817.sql", then updated the schema to v10.2.1 with make db-schema-all-default | psql -p 5433 --...
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Pattern by which you can determine that this is a FA2 contract, and not FA1.2

i want to understand how tzkt indexer works. If there is some pattern by which you can determine that this is a fa2 contract, and not fa1.2? Maybe there is a prefix by which you can determine? I saw ...
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When is the correct time to build an indexer into a dApp?

I'm working on an NFT dApp (contract + React website) and I'm trying to avoid deploying server infrastructure if possible. At what stage should I be thinking about working an indexer into the design? ...
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Searching through deployed smart contracts

I'm looking for a deployment of the multisig contract somewhere on the block chain. Is there any tools that lets me search through deployed contracts?
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MySQL Indexer Tezos Blockchain

Is it possible to create a MySQL Database out of the Tezos Blockchain? All Indexer that i know of (Conseil, NL Indexer) are based on PostgreSQL.
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