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What keys management setup is recommended to use with tezos-reward-distributor?

Currently for payouts I'm using a traditional tz1 addr, which is managed by the default tezos-signer binary. However, it appears to me not that safe. Some kind of HSM + KMS (say, from Google or from ...
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Signing transaction with external hardware device and broadcasting on Babylonnet gives invalid signature

I am trying to broadcast a Tezos transaction on the Babylon testnet. I'm using an external military-grade hardware security module (HSM) located on a remote server. Its purpose is to never expose the ...
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Is it possible to run a baker in AWS and secure your keys with AWS CloudHSM

Ignoring the cost of running the HSM (it's likely to be prohibitively expensive for most use cases), is it theoretically possible to run your baking node fully in the cloud using a cloud provided HSM ...
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Wallet using the secure enclave of the iPhone

P-256 signing curve can be used for tz3 accounts. One of the secure enclave able to store a 256-bit elliptic curve such as P-256 is the one present in iPhones an Macs with Touch ID or Face ID. Is ...
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How can i setup delegation with an HSM (Ledger, Trezor)?

If I am a new user who wants to store my XTZ using a hardware wallet (like Ledger or Trezor T), what are the steps to set myself up with delegating those XTZ ?
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Adding a ledger to tezos-client

In the past version of tezos-client you would run tezos-client show connected ledgers and it displayed 3 commands in order to import a new ledger. For example tezos-client import secret key XXX ledger:...
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What are the best cold-storage methods available for XTZ?

Is using the CLI command gen keys new to generate a cryptographically secure key-pair the most secure method for cold storage eg. paper wallet? Which signature algorithm (ed25519, secp256k1, p256) ...
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security with solo baker setup

I've seen a lot of people mention tezos setups for baking. The general idea would be to run a handful of FE nodes, likely geographically dispersed, and then having a private node which connects to ...
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Can I use multiple ledgers for baking?

I'm researching setting up a highly available baking infrastructure. Is it possible to use multiple ledgers signing for the same address? My plan is to use a ledger connected to a laptop running a ...
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Should ledger BIP-44 paths have four elements or five?

What is the correct BIP-44 path structure for the Tezos ledger apps? Should it have five path components (as Galleon uses) or four (as tezos-client and Tezbox use)? The BIP-44 spec defines 5 levels ...