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Questions tagged [ghostnet]

Ghostnet is a persistent test network on the Tezos blockchain. This network does not use real tez, allowing developers and users to experiment with the network, new apps, new contracts etc, without having to spend real money. Ghostnet will update to the latest protocol shortly before the main network, allowing developers to test their existing apps won't break, before the protocol goes live

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1 answer

Can't communicate with etherlink rpc node using web3dart (Flutter)

I'm building a web app on Etherlink using Flutter and the library that wraps Ethers.js is called web3dart. Everything else being constant, the request works fine when using an Infura endpoint, but it ...
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1 answer

Failing to connect with kukai via beacon (ghostnet)

I am failing to connect with kukai via beacon (ghostnet), it works fine with a different wallet. "network error". Another engineer shared that there are known issues with kukai on ghostnet, ...
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Error when deploying: proto.016-PtMumbai.michelson_v1.bad_stack

TezosOperationError: (permanent) proto.016-PtMumbai.michelson_v1.bad_stack Now getting this issue while deploying contract on ghostnet, whats the reason for this?
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1 vote
2 answers

Incoherent response from SmartPy public node

I came across a weird situation when checking blocks through the RPC of the ghostnet SmartPy public node. A block that should not exist is returned by the RPC. On Ghostnet, the block at level 1960484 ...
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Securely moving from Ghostnet to Mainnet

Are there any important things to do or check before moving a dApp from Ghostnet to Mainnet?
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Is there a working front-end for ctez on Ghostnet?

Is there a working front-end for ctez on Ghostnet? doesn't work doesn't work PS: why aren't there tags for Ghostnet and Ctez.?
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