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Get Baker Fee percent from address

I want to get baker fee percent(%) value of the selected baker. I am going to calculate delegator's reward for cycle, I need to know baker fee percent, so I can get exact delegator's reward.
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How to calculate gas fee for transaction?

I want to calculate three gas fees (low, average, fast) for transactions in the Tezos blockchain,Is there any formula to calculate gas fees for every transaction? I want to do an operation on the ...
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how can i get Allocation fee and storage fee before transaction submit

like this, i send the token in the first time to others, and i set the baker Fee by a no change number as 0.00135, but after transaction, i search it in explorer , i found it need 0.06425 to pay ...
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Is allocation fee re-charged after a network upgrade?

I had a bunch of accounts that were already active during Granada. Today when I made the first tez transfer (after Hangzhou) to one of the already active accounts, I noticed the allocation fee was ...
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What is the one-time 0.257 tz burn fee?

I have deployed a contract on a test net and I want to send some tez to it to test out some operations. When I try to send through Temple wallet, I get: Failed Unable to estimate transaction to ...
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Is Tezos blockchain vulnerable to "frontrunning"?

I read an interesting piece about frontrunning in Ethereum. In essense, the problem is this: In general, frontrunning is the act of getting a transaction first in line in the execution queue, right ...
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Updated fee constants in Delphi?

I am using the following formula and associated constants to calculate fees: Also referenced here: https://tezos....
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How to define (calculate) fee parameter for transfer?

Is there a way to calculate the transaction (transfer) fee only with RPC or eztz.js lib? Either, the only the user can define this parameter? I used only gas price for eth likeness blockchains before ...
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Inconsistently being charge burn fees

Can someone explain under what circumstances burn fees are applied to transactions. I'm using the same account, sending XTZ to the same destination. This morning I got no burn fees while testing, and ...
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How to estimate transation fee, gas limit, storage limit through ConseilJS?

When using ConseilJS to send transaction, you need to assign transaction fee, storage limit, gas limit manually. So how to estimate transaction fee, gas/storage limit before sending the transaction to ...
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Rewards for Operations

Out of these Operations which operations affect the balance of an Account either by rewards or by any transaction? First four I know they incur a fee at least so that balance gets affected. Can any ...
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How to calculate price of gas

In Ethereum one can get the gas price using web3.eth.gasPrice. In Tezos, does any RPC provide the gas price, or is there a formula to calculate the gas price?
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Is it possible to estimate transaction fee without using a private key?

As far as I know, in order to estimate a fee of a Tezos transaction, a following method needs to be called on a Tezos node: ../<block_id>/helpers/scripts/run_operation . At least this is how it'...
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Burn fee for empty account

Does .257 burn fee for new account needs to be put in the transaction operation? operations.contents.push({ kind: 'transaction', counter, fee: min_fee + burn_fee, // <-- here?...
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What is the adequate fee for a reveal operation?

When transferring funds to a non-revealed Tezos account, one must pay a "reveal fee". What is the optimal value to use for this fee? Or is this a fixed amount? What would be the adequate fee for a ...
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How to manage rewards for small delegators?

What would be the best way to transfer rewards for smaller delegators? For instance for those who have delegated less than 1XTZ. Usually their staking capital generates not so much in terms of ...
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how to estimate paid_storage_size_diff?

Example: I deploy a contract(gen a multi sign address,3owners) or tranfer 0 amount to a KT1 address (for multisign address send money to a tz1 address) I can estimate fee by:
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How does tezos-client compute a transaction fee?

When running a transaction such as tezos-client transfer 1 from alice to bob, how does the client computes the transaction fee?
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