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Tezos - smart contract byte code to michelson

I am trying to figure out the SpicySwap swap fees. Since there is no public implementation available to my knowledge, I am studying the michelson code. For example:
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Need help understanding price discovery on dexter exchange

From where they are fetching the price of token i.e., exchange value ? How they are calculating Minimum Tokens Brought in operation xtzToToken ? How they are calculating Minimum XTZ Brought in ...
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1 answer

Can a Dapp buy or sell (usdtz or tzbtc) from dexter?

Looking for a way for a dapp to buy tzBTC automatically after receiving tez from a baker.
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Handling floating point numbers in decentralized exchanges

I am writing a contract in Ligo that manages FA2 fungible tokens with an interface that lets users easily create new tokens. I am building a very simple exchange where the users can create orders to ...