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using 'tezos-client import keys from mnemonic' differs from kukai (correct) fundraiser public key

i have tezos fundraiser tokens and also an exchange-sourced local node. i have used kukai successfully to access the fundraiser account however when i am attempting delegation to the new account for ...
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Is there a resource for setting up multiple structures for automatic delegate payouts for bakers?

I am looking for a resource or method of accomplishing automated payouts from baker to delegates which allows for charging different delegates different fees. For example lets say you charge friends ...
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Why am I experiencing delegation activation lag?

When I delegate my XTZ to a baker, what is the reason for the time lag before the delegation seems to activate?
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Total baking balance calculation (includes inactive bakers stake?)

Does the total baking balance of the Tezos network (for example currently 76.9%) include the delegated XTZ to an inactive/sleeping/closed/defunct delegation services? At which point will these be ...
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Unable to terminate delegating and transfer tezos out of Galleon app

I’m can’t seem to find a way to terminate delegation and transfer my tezos out of the Galleon app because I want to sell the tokens. Using version 1.4.1b. I have more than enough balance to cover fees ...
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Are empty accounts automatically undelegated?

When a delegated account is drained, is it automatically undelegated and how is the undelegation operation paid for?
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