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Nomadic Labs indexer bootstrap fails with statement timeout

I restored the database of the Nomadic Labs indexer using a snapshot called "v10.2.0.20220817.sql", then updated the schema to v10.2.1 with make db-schema-all-default | psql -p 5433 --...
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1 answer

Best way to duplicate/sync private database with FA2 contract transactions & balances

If you wanted a private DB to have all of the transactions,balances etc. of a particular FA2 contract deployed on mainnet, what would be the best way of achieving this? Is it possible to have a ...
15 votes
1 answer

How to create a database out of the Tezos node?

We want to build a Website that contains Live-Data from the Tezos-Node. We have a node running, we have the RPCs, we have a mysql database and we want to use Postgres to query the database and "feed" ...
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How do I query the Balance of a KT1 account Cycle by Cycle?

Is there a RPC in Tezos-client, that allows to query the Balance of a KT1 account cycle by cycle? I've tried it with this (TzScan Public-Node RPC):<block_id>/...
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