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Securely moving from Ghostnet to Mainnet

Are there any important things to do or check before moving a dApp from Ghostnet to Mainnet?
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1 vote
0 answers

Beacon wallet (reading 'type') error in DAppClient.ts

we are currently encountering a bug using Beacon wallet in our Dapp. 

Our current feature functionality:
 We are offering the ability to Connect, Change, and Disconnect Wallet. Our disconnect works ...
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1 answer

Taquito - Beacon connect dialog on iPhone does not show Temple Wallet option. How to solve it?

I have a dApp that connects to wallets through Beacon, using Taquito. On PC Desktop computers and Android, the Beacon connect dialog window shows many wallet alternatives and also a blue generic ...
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RPC error when using @templewallet/dapp

I'm getting this error when trying to execute a contract using temple wallet in my Dapp. Failed to send request to ...
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