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Is there a way to create a keystore file on Tezos that is similar to Ethereum's keystore V3?

Talking about this specifically: Takes a private key and outputs a JSON keystore file.
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Secp256k1 with Non-Deterministic Signatures

I am using an HSM which signs bytes using the secp256k1 curve. For a given set of input bytes, I blake2b hash them and sign them. My understanding is that most cryptocurrencies use deterministic ...
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How to sign transaction from tz2 address?

Can i sign my transaction if i use secp256k1? And how it do? If i'm using sign function from eztz lib, i takes TypeError: invalid privateKey length Private key coded using secp256k1 curve.
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Unable to get consistent tz2 (secp256pk1) signature

I am trying to reproduce the signing algorithm used for tz2 address which uses the secp256pk1 elliptic curve. My problem is that when I try to verify if the signature is valid with the tezos cli, I ...
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base58 prefixes

Module Prefix in src/lib_crypto/ has lines such as let ed25519_public_key_hash = "\006\161\159" (* tz1(36) *). How does one get "\006\161\159" from tz1(36)?
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