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How to sign a message and verify it using conseiljs?

I am using conseiljs.TezosWalletUtil to generate key value pair. const mnemonic = conseiljs.TezosWalletUtil.generateMnemonic(); console.log(`mnemonic: ${mnemonic}`); const keystore = await ...
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0 answers

Not able to get error msg generated by failWith using ConseilJS

I am trying to invoke my contract with conseiljs.TezosNodeWriter.sendContractInvocationOperation(). Everything works fine with a positive scenario but when I purposely fail the script with some error ...
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I got this error from conseil js TezosNodeWriter.sendContractOriginationOperation. What could be the problem

Failed to parse the request body: No case matched: At /kind, unexpected string instead of endorsement At /kind, unexpected string instead of seed_nonce_revelation At /kind, unexpected string ...