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What's wrong with my RPC config?

What does this config miss in order to present the RPC service properly at X.X.X.X "p2p": { "bootstrap-peers": [ "", &...
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Config file value "web_port": what's its usage?

I recently saw that config file can contain web_port (default value is 8080). I can't find any guide regarding that value. What's its usage?
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Change node config without restarting?

Is it not clear to me if the command config update ( will update the current config file and the node will then run using the new configuration without ...
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How do I move alphanet blockchain data to new partition?

I checked this post Moving chain data to a new hard drive, but I was unable to do them. I couldn't create the symlink, because I don't know where the data is. Where is the blockchain data that I can ...
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config.json how to define the network?

I want to run several nodes on one machine. How can i define the network (mainnet, alphanet, zeronet) in the config.json?
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How can I configure my baker to accept 0-fee transactions?

I'm trying to understand how to change the default transaction fee that my baker will accept. I've found the following information in the Baker manual, but it isn't clear to me what each parameter ...
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What does a good P2P configuration look like for a public node?

I have the following P2P settings in my config file for my public nodes, it seems to be okay, and is bootstrapping from the foundation nodes but I am interested to hear if there could be any ...
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How can I set trusted peers by identity in the tezos-node config file?

I found the "example configuration file with all parameters specified" here: But I can't find any config entry doing the equivalent of ./...
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Too few connections, config.json?

I am getting too few connections (5) since about 2 Days. I think adding peers to my ".tezos-node/config.json" file should help, but I am not sure how it should look like. Can I simply add the IP and ...
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