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Export a complete account history CSV that includes NFTs

I need to prepare my taxes and discovered TzKT and its ability to export a statement in the form of a .csv file. While that is super helpful it seems to not include any NFTs even though they show up ...
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Which explorer for local node

I am currently running a full Tezos node and want to deploy a block explorer that is fed with my node RPC interface. seemed to be a good option but the front is not open-source ...
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Is TzStat safe?

Since TzStat is not maintained anymore (archive repo on github), is it still safe to be used ? If i understand, TzStat only provides the GUI and TzIndex (which is still maintained) provides the data. (...
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How long should I expect to wait for an operation to be included? Seeing "Waiting for the operation to be included..."

let me preface this by saying that I'm using a public node. It's fully bootstrapped and up to date, and I followed these instructions to check. I'm trying to call the mintOrBurn function of this ...
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How to check balance on a specific date

I need my XTZ balance for a specific date in past. I am not sure how to get this as most blockexplorers do not offer a date field for searching historical balances. Can somebody help me?
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Balance too low

I used to exchange my USDC and convert them to XTZ. SimpleSwap indicates that they sent everything to my address: (tz1eGFbAty8LpqRQab9FQ53aMFmy2bFbC5PG) without error but when I check my ...
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List of Tezos block explorers

A few days ago I couldn't access the block explorer I regularly use. Does anyone have an alternative one?
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Minimal Transaction in Sandbox fails: Fatal error: The operation ... is outdated and may never be included in the chain

I'm tying to get a simple transaction in the sandbox running. Everything according to tutorials on the main site (Tezos Client and Sandbox) The error is according to this and this solved by ...
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Searching through deployed smart contracts

I'm looking for a deployment of the multisig contract somewhere on the block chain. Is there any tools that lets me search through deployed contracts?
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MySQL Indexer Tezos Blockchain

Is it possible to create a MySQL Database out of the Tezos Blockchain? All Indexer that i know of (Conseil, NL Indexer) are based on PostgreSQL.
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