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Stopping baker and getting balance unfrozen

Let's say I stop baking 1/4th of the way through cycle 500 by stopping all baking processes. When should I expect to get 100% of my balance back? I did not set frozen deposit limit to 0 before ...
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baking_rights rpc return "401 Unauthorized"

I setup an archive node, the node already fully synced, and I call baking_rights rpc, but it returns "401 Unauthorized". curl -v 'http://localhost:8732/chains/main/blocks/1/helpers/...
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How exactly are the bakers chosen using the PRG?

I understand that the seed associated with a cycle is generated from information from the previous two cycles. This seed the PRG that is used to determine the bakers for the cycle. This is all the ...
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On what block levels within a cycle can roll snapshots happen?

According to this documentation: Roll snapshots represent the state of rolls for a given block. Roll snapshots are taken every BLOCKS_PER_ROLL_SNAPSHOT = 256 blocks, which is 16 times per cycle. ...
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Baker Reliability index

What is the formula for Baker Reliability index, how the index is calculated and what is the impact of the index? I talk about page.
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How to start tezos baking from carthagenet?

I run baking command from tezos carthagenet with wallet address and i get error: Apr 27 09:00:53 - 006-PsCARTHA.baking.forge: No ...
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What is the meaning of "seed used at cycle"?

From the Tezos documentation, I understand that the seed derived at the end of cycle n-1 is used to compute the baking rights for cycle n+5 (so 6 cycles difference). This means that some pictures ...
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What PRNG algorithm is used in tezos?

I'm interested int the PRNG algorithm that tezos uses for drawing baking rights. It is vaguely mentioned in the docs as a CSPRNG (Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator) seeded with a ...
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Since a blockchain has no concept of time, how do you determine if a baker baked “on time” or not?

I understand that when a baker is chosen, they have a certain amount of time to bake before those rights are passed on to the second, third etc. Since the blockchain itself has no concept of time, ...
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How to ascertain the nature of a miss

Some bakers miss blocks. How can bakers retroactively check whether their misses were steals? Tzscan does not seem to differentiate between misses of Prio 0 (proper misses) and misses of Prio>0. Is ...
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How to forecast as a baker your next upcoming time slot by using baking rights RPC? [duplicate]

1) "You get assigned slots to bake and endorse. If you are not online at the time of your slots, you miss them" - ->>Can a baker just stay offline UNTIL her next time slot comes up? I just want to ...
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Missing Blocks for Months now - No endorsements present in mempool

Mar 23 16:09:30 - client.baking: New baking slot found (level 364815, priority 0) at 2019-03-23T16:08:55Z for ledger_tezos after BL7nWhEJBw93. Mar 23 16:09:30 - client.baking: No endorsements present ...
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"estimated_time" on baking right is not constant

Yesterday I noticed that estimated_time on baking rights is not constant. It looks like it changes at the start of every block. Can someone explain why that happens? For example: {estimated_time: "...
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Can I quickly see all "priority" baking-rights for a cycle? [duplicate]

How is the Av. Priority column for baker and endorser, as seen on, determined? Is simply monitoring all listed bakers in real time? Can I use a command line tool ...
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