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What is exactly a 'bakery fee'?

I need to configure my TRD. I got to enter my 'bakery fee' field. Is it a fee that baker pays for the staked amount to delegator? Say, my bakery was delegated with 100 tz, and I got 9% bakery fee, so ...
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3 answers

Looking for a payout script or software

I am solo-baker running a node. I want evolve to small bakery. I am looking for a simple script or software that will automate payouts
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Is a VPS with DDOS protection sufficient security for a Tezos bakery?

I was thinking about using Virmach $5.00 Windows server 2012 plan with the following specs: for example SSD1G 1GB DEDICATED RAM // 1 vCORE // 25GB+ SSD (HW RAID 10) // DDoS Protection Available // ...
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How to activate Private Mode for Tezos node

Tezos has an optional feature called Private Mode which restricts connections to a list of nodes upon startup. How can I activate this function?
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Decent bakery architecture? [closed]

Currently setting up a bakery and have the following architecture in mind. Four public nodes running on four different datacenters on two different clouds Two nodes running in private mode connected ...
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