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Where is the reward operation for athens?

Athens amendment proposal was succesfully integrated as proto004 into the mainnet at level 458753. The first mined block can be seen here
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Do I need to save the identity,peers,config.json when updating Tezos node?

Nomadic Labs, on the guidance to upgrading the node here state "We can now delete our upgraded archive storage and import the snapshot (without forgetting, if you need, to save {identity,peers,config}...
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How should I prepare as a baker, for Athens A protocol activation?

Can someone provide a step-by-step guide to help bakers to be prepared for Athens A protocol activation? Do we need to upgrade Ledger baking software?
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How does the 003-node binary download/compile/merge proposal code?

This question is in relation to the upcoming 004 (aka Athens) protocol change. Provided that it passes the last Promotion_vote phase, specifically and technically, what happens to the binaries on my ...
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