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./tezos-client activate: error Unrecognized command

I am stuck when getting Tezos from faucet : ./tezos-client activate account bob with tz1YdaJWrDdHz4qfVEhPEs7f5EBy4DE2Fzv1.json Disclaimer: ... Error: Unrecognized ...
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Multinetwork: cannot activate test account (using faucet)

I am running a multinetwork node, with a mainnet node (P2P port 9732, RPC port 8732) and a delphinet node (P2P port 9733, RPC port 8733, config.json and data is in folder ~/tezos-delphinet/). Nodes ...
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How to calculate the "secret" field of an activation operation?

For particular reasons (let's say I am creating a Tezos faucet) I want to send an activation operation to Tezos blockchain. This kind of operation (activate_account) requires three fields: kind, pkh ...
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