We want to build a Website that contains Live-Data from the Tezos-Node.

We have a node running, we have the RPCs, we have a mysql database and we want to use Postgres to query the database and "feed" the website with info.

We just don't know, how to "extract" the Data from the Tezos-Node into the Database.

An approach is Conseil from Cryptonomic.


But they don't support the Voting/Ballot RPCs at the moment:

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You could modify Conseil in order to support the extraction of voting related info.

Another approach is to use the tzscan codebase, which also fills a database with information from the Tezos node.

Last but not least, you can use RPC calls to /chains/main/blocks/head/context/raw/json/.. to explore the raw context for every block.


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