My smart contract compiles but when I use any of the entry methods it throws "Unhandled exception (Invalid_argument List.fold_left2)". It seems to have happened when I added the owner parameter into the storage init.

type storage = {
  something: (address, nat list) map;
  is_on: bool;
  owner: address;

let%init storage (owner: address) =
    something = Map [];
    is_on = true;

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Can you open an issue on https://github.com/OCamlPro/liquidity/issues ? Also can you provide a full example to reproduce the problem? What do you mean by "when I use any of the entry methods"? Are you trying to call a deployed instance of the contract, or are you using the simulation feature of Liquidity? Are you using the command line compiler of the online interface?


Try to open your code in Chrome private window. This way helped solve the same issue for me.

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