Let’s assume that one single ledger controls several keys associated with corresponding addresses enabled for baking.

Is it possible to use this single ledger and a single instance of the signer deamon that would respond to the queries of multiple baker deamons ?

The reason i am asking this is because i believe that currently when bakers maintain multiple bakers managed with ledger, they actually think they need to own multiple physical ledger devices which seem sub-optimal in terms of operational risks.

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No, you cannot bake for two addresses on a single ledger. it is only authorized to sign for a single address at any given time.


The ledger maintains a HWM (high watermark) for "double bake protection" - this means it will not sign more than 1 block at a certain height. I do not believe it is possible to maintain multiple HWMs with a single ledger (except for testing period chains), and so you might get in trouble if baker A signed a block for height X+1 just before baker B tries to sign for block X (this might happen in distributed systems).

  • Yes, it is not possible -- unless you patch the Ledger baking app. Really, it should not be terribly difficult, but, not easy.
    – Tom
    Mar 25, 2019 at 19:19

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