Can I unlock Tezbox main account only with Ledger Nano S? I can't find 15-word phrase or private key. I have already synchronized the main account with Ledger nano S, and I already delegate my tezos. On my Ledger Nano S I see the public key.

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  • You did not give full details: did you lose your ledger ? Please give more context cause it is unclear your situation. – Ezy Mar 24 at 12:12
  • I have my ledger.. and 24 words of ledger.. I can't restore the tezbox, because i couldnt find 15 words for unlock or private key.. But on my ledger i can see the public key for account on tezbox, wich is correct on tezbox. So my question is, if i can unloc or restore somehow tezbo with ledger? – Azogomi Mar 24 at 17:07
  • if the public key is indeed protected by the ledger itself then you can import it say with the command line client and manage the funds directly from there. – Ezy Mar 24 at 17:13
  • I need more instructions how to do that. I can see public key on my ledger, and when i want to link tezbo with ledger, there is displayed the right public key. – Azogomi Mar 24 at 17:19
  • check these instructions from obsidian systems medium.com/@obsidian.systems/… – Ezy Mar 24 at 21:09

If you have lost your seed phrase and your private key you are pretty much screwed 🙈

The whole cryptography scheme relies on the fact that only the owner of the seed or private key can access your account, so if there were another way - everything would fall apart 😉

Welcome to crypto 😎👋

  • I think he lost the tezbox passphrase not the ledger passphrase. The ledger passphrase has 24 words. – Ezy Mar 25 at 16:28

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