What are the new rules for when a KT1 gets destroyed? Is there a certain balance that it goes below?

What about tz1/tz2/tz3? I noticed that sometimes --burn-cap must be used to send funds. Why is this?

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As of 003_PsddFKi3:

An originated account is forever.[1]

An implicit account is 'allocated'[2] and 'deleted'[3] as its balance goes above and back to zero (if it is not a delegate[4]).

Currently you must pay a storage burn to allocate an implicit account, and there is no refund upon deletion. The storage_limit for an operation accounts for this burn (along with the origination burn for KT1's, and storage growth for scripts).[5][6][7]

The --burn-cap tells the client how high (in tez) you are willing to set the storage_limit (in bytes). You must provide it any time the storage_limit will be positive, to confirm you are willing to burn the tez.[8]

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I don't think that an address gets ever destroyed. You have to burn XTZ in order to create an address.

  • I do recall that used to be the case that contracts would be disappeared completely if the balance ever go too low, but that implicit accounts didnt suffer this. and now, it seems I cannot drain a KT1 such that it disappears. and also, it seems that in some cases is costs extra --burn-cap to transfer to an implicit account?
    – Bo Byrd
    Mar 24, 2019 at 19:32

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