I have a contract with storage as

let%init storage = (Map : (key_hash, nat)map)

I want to deploy the contract using tezos-client originate contract command.

I am unable to init storage, tried several options.

--init '(Pair {} (Pair {} 0))'

I get the following error:

Ill typed data: 1: (Pair {} (Pair {} 0))
is not an expression of type map key_hash nat

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The error message describes the expected type: "is not an expression of type map key_hash nat"

Maps are defined with braces { } and each element starts with Elt and is delimited from others with a semi-colon. If you only have one element in your map you don't need a semi-colon.

--init '{ Elt "tz1account" 0 }'

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