Yesterday, I was able to spin up a node from source using the command line interface on my MacBook Pro. As I am waiting for the node to sync, I am looking for documentation so I can run my baker/endorser with my Ledger Nano S. Currently, I am baking with BakeChain client. I don’t want lose my rights that have been assigned while I was using BakeChain. Any leads?


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Version 0.5.0 of Kiln allows you to bake from the Ledger Nano S using a GUI (rather than command line approach, as the one in the other answer). See here or here.


Here you can find the guide from the developers of the Ledger Nano baking app (Obsidian System).

However, I would recommend to download the app from Ledger Live and not compile it yourself, and then follow the guide from after the compiling instructions.

  • My baking app on my ledger was registered using BakeChain. I have node up running. I am having difficulty connecting my ledger to the node and registering my baker with the node...I am not sure this make sense
    – Adi_daz
    Mar 22, 2019 at 22:30

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