I have my private node which keeps disconnecting from my public node. So I need list of trusted foundation nodes which i can connect to my private node so my private node uptime does not hamper if 1 or 2 connections breaks.

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Command to add trusted nodes to config

This is how I configure the node to use these "trusted nodes". I added the command to open up to 500 connections which can be left out of course:

./tezos-node config update \
--peer="dubnodes.tzbeta.net:9732" \
--peer="franodes.tzbeta.net:9732" \
--peer="sinnodes.tzbeta.net:9732" \
--peer="nrtnodes.tzbeta.net:9732" \
--peer="pdxnodes.tzbeta.net:9732" \
--connections 500
  • Please note that this will not get all the individual nodes behind those DNS names. See my answer for an alternative.
    – Phlogi
    Commented Jan 23, 2020 at 20:18

Here is whats in my consig.json:

"dubnodes.tzbeta.net ", "franodes.tzbeta.net ", "sinnodes.tzbeta.net" , " nrtnodes.tzbeta.net"

Here is the full list given by the maintainer of the foundation nodes:


I use those mainly.


Behind the known DNS addresses are several individual IPs with the nodes. Therefore you should use dig (from package dnsutils on debian) to connect to all of them.

When running a node in private mode, you also need to trust the address first.

Also it might be a good idea to put these nodes into your default config. See the commented alternative line.

  # get foundation nodes
  for i in dubnodes franodes sinnodes nrtnodes pdxnodes; do
      for j in `dig $i.tzbeta.net +short`; do
        # assume default port
        # trust new address if in private mode
        tezos-admin-client -A localhost trust address "${address}"
        tezos-admin-client -A localhost connect address "${address}"
        # alternative: Add to node config
        # tezos-node config update --peer="${address}"

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