I have a tz1 address and created multiple KT1 addresses to be able to delegate my XTZ to multiple delegation services. I can query the tzscan.io API to automatically get the rewards I receive via /operations and filter out only transactions with funds sent to my KT1 address.

But since every delegation service has their own payout schedule I am unable to successfully group the rewards per cycle. Is this even possible to group them per cycle? Currently I group the results per day. But this is a complete mess, because of the change of day over midnight.

The result should be how many XTZ a tz1 address received per cycle, regardless of how many KT1 address are associated and regardless of when each KT1 address started delegating.

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That should help you (Example TzScan API):


Just put in one of the KT1 adresses and it will show you the total rewards per cycle, for the associated tz1 address.

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    This adds a little more complexity, but I guess I could work with this, if there isn't an easier solution. thank you.
    – XTZST2O
    Jan 30, 2019 at 12:06
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    If the grouping per KT1 address should still be possible, then using /balance_history and subtracting the amount from the previous cycle might be useful.
    – XTZST2O
    Jan 30, 2019 at 13:12

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