When running a non-baking mainnet node on a Mac, is it possible to start an alphanet and/or zeronet node alongside the mainnet?

Can I just build them each in their own directory? And then what about the network ports?

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As for how to run the three separate nodes, to build off of adrian's answer you could use the following options when running the node:

/home/tezos/tezos_mainnet/tezos-node run --data-dir /home/tezos/.tezos-node --rpc-addr
/home/tezos/tezos_alphanet/tezos-node run --data-dir /home/tezos/.tezos-node-alpha --rpc-addr
/home/tezos/tezos_zeronet/tezos-node run --data-dir /home/tezos/.tezos-node-zero --rpc-addr

You'll have to generate an identity for each node:

/home/tezos/tezos_mainnet/tezos-node identity --data-dir /home/tezos/.tezos-node generate 26.
/home/tezos/tezos_alphanet/tezos-node identity --data-dir /home/tezos/.tezos-node-alpha generate 26.
/home/tezos/tezos_zeronet/tezos-node identity --data-dir /home/tezos/.tezos-node-zero generate 26.

Yes it is possible to run all three at the same time on the same machine.

You have to ensure that they each have a different directory. Furthermore you need to configure the ports in the config files so that they don't clash.

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    I think the actual question was rather ‘how’ not ‘if’ 🤔 Commented Mar 2, 2019 at 13:59
  • So alpha and zeronet cannot be run from the mainnet directory, i.e. using the data from the mainnet? That would save a lot of data and bootstrapping time and space
    – Argonau7
    Commented Apr 8, 2019 at 15:27

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