I just noticed that the Etherlink mainnet explorer is live.

I connected a new Metamask wallet via the explorer web UI and would like to test sending some XTZ from Tezos mainnet to this new wallet.

I saw a video that explains the high-level process on how Tezos -> Etherlink XTZ flows happen, but what are the concrete steps to do this in practice?

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There is a bridge setup, where you connect a Tezos wallet and an Etherlink wallet (or supply a destination address) and it will create the necessary transactions to perform the trasnfer



With CLI on Etherlink mainnet:

octez-client --endpoint <RPC URL> transfer 5 from <L1 ADDRESS> to \ 
 KT1Wj8SUGmnEPFqyahHAcjcNQwe6YGhEXJb5 --entrypoint deposit \
 --arg 'Pair "sr1Ghq66tYK9y3r8CC1Tf8i8m5nxh8nTvZEf" <L2 ADDRESS starting with 0x>' \
 --burn-cap 1

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