When I try performing batch transactions, It works with Temple Wallet but when testing on Kukai it says too many transactions and while testing on Umami it says Beacon Error. Two transactions I am performing are Tez Transfer and Origination. What can be the issue with any idea?


    await dappClient().CheckIfWalletConnected()
    const tezos = await dappClient().tezos();
    const batch = await tezos.wallet.batch()
         .withTransfer({ to: FEE_RECIPIENT, amount: FEE })
             code: contractCode,
             storage: storage,
    setTxnMessage('Waiting for Confirmation ...');
    await batch.confirmation();

Kukai Error Kukai Error

Umami Error Umami Error

Temple Success Message Tezos Success Message

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I got this answer on tezos-dev Slack.

Kukai currently handles origination but not in certain batches, rather than a quick fix we refactored payload processing which includes a generic payload handler and UI — the work is done but we are focused on other high priorities so it won’t likely go live for another two weeks. in the meantime, as you pointed out, Temple has a good generic handler for such payloads

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