Hi guys inside my ICO website I want to create on the fly a tezos compliant wallet with the custom tokens for people once they purhcase. Is there a way to programatically create a wallet thanks peeps?

  • Have you looked into walletbeacon.io, which allows users to connect their existing wallet to your site? Creating single purpose wallets per application is a bad idea and is cumbersome for users to manage
    – Simon McLoughlin
    Commented Sep 28, 2023 at 14:03

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Yes here are some approaches:

PyTezos: You can utilize PyTezos for key generation.

ConseilJS but I haven't seen any update for a while.

Custom JavaScript Method: While possible, managing keys yourself, especially with custom code, significantly increases security risks. That said, here's a simple (perhaps naive) way to generate a key in JavaScript:

import * as bip39 from 'bip39';
import sodium from 'libsodium-wrappers-sumo';
import base58check from 'bs58check';

public generateSecretKey = async (): Promise<string> => {
  const mnemonic = bip39.generateMnemonic(256);
  const seed = await bip39.mnemonicToSeed(mnemonic, '');
  await sodium.ready;
  const keys = sodium.crypto_sign_seed_keypair(
    seed.slice(0, 32),
  return base58check.encode(
    Buffer.from('2bf64e07' + keys.privateKey, 'hex')

After generating the key, you need to send some mutez to its associated address to activate it.

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