This blog states that after activation of adaptive issuance, there will be an adoption phase of 7 cycles. It also states that the issuance rate is computed 5 cycles in advance. Will the issuance rate be computed during the adoption phase so that the effect on issuance should be seen after 7 cycles? Or is it the case that 12 total cycles will pass before the issuance rate is effected by adaptive issuance?

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TL;DR Indeed, after the voting threshold is met, we would keep the existing issuance and rewardsformula for 12 cycles.

Note that when we say "activation of the guarded features", we consider the 7 cycles period to happen before the activation -- which would take place at the beginning of the next cycle (the 8th in OP's count). During the Adoption phase, the current issuance/reward formulas would be used.

Then, Adaptive Issuance would activate and start computing the issuance rate and rewards at the end of each subsequent cycles for the 5th upcoming cycle -- at the end of the 8th cycle for cycle 13th, etc.

Until then (in the 8th to 12th cycles in the OP's count), issuance rate/reward values would follow the current mechanism.

NB: The length of these periods are defined by parametric protocol constants PRESERVED_CYCLES and MAX_SLASHING_PERIOD. In the docs, we currently use the values for Mainnet (5 and, respectively, 2). But these might differ in other test networks: Oxfordnet and Ghostnet, for instance.

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